“The new wave of precision farming … could be as important as the development of mechanized tractors in the first half of the 20th century.”

– Wall Street Journal

Introducing a safer and more productive way to farm your fields … and have a more fulfilling life.

Helping farmers work smarter, not harder.

Farb Guidance Systems provides agricultural manufacturers, the technical solutions to incorporate driverless guidance and propulsion into their product lines of equipment to operate safely, around the clock, from anywhere in the world.

Through advanced technology, Farb Guidance Systems will continue to invent new technology for farmers and the agricultural industry overall to improve their bottom line and corporate purpose.

The FARB Guidance Systems Advantages

Be it across the road, or across the world, farmers, and their families, can have the quality life that they have earned and deserved.

With the use of this technology, farmers can be in control of their fields hundreds of miles away from their home, worry free, as their fields are being farmed, without a driver on the tractor, by a simple hand-held computer.

Designed with the Farmer in Mind

It’s for those who have that indomitable spirit … where there is no ‘quit’ in their souls. It’s a discovery that was born on a farm, raised and tested on a farm, and discovered and invented by farmers.

It’s a tool that was created for those who have given their lives to preserve traditions built on pride, purpose, and unyielding persistence to preserve generations of hard work and sacrifices that only a true farmer can endure.

It’s the reward for the years of hard work and life of commitment.

Significant Return on Investment

With the ability to control and guide equipment through our advanced technology, farmers will see a greater return both financially and personally.

24/7 Operation & Extended Operation Season

With our fully-automated products, productivity can occur around-the-clock and only when the conditions are right.  You are in control of every acre, every day, throughout the year – without physically driving a tractor and dragging an implement for hours on end.

Passion for the Purpose

Young or seasoned, farmers are fired-up. And with good reason. Through the research and development phase, the Farb Guidance Systems team quickly learned that the addition of this enhanced technology has fueled the market’s interest to unprecedented levels – at all age levels.

Food for the Future

The Farb Guidance System puts the power of the farm back into the hands of the farmer – whether it is a 50k acre farm in North Dakota or a two-acre farm in a previously un-farmable area of Africa, our innovative products have all of the abilities to feed the future of America and beyond.