“The new wave of precision farming … could be as important as the development of mechanized tractors in the first half of the 20th century.”

– Wall Street Journal

Introducing a safer and more productive way to farm your fields … and have a more fulfilling life.

Helping farmers work smarter, not harder.

Farb Guidance Systems provides custom farming services to customers throughout North America utilizing a fully autonomous fleet of equipment.

By combining advanced technology with a service model, Farb Guidance Systems aims to bring driverless technology to any customer who wishes to experience the benefits it can deliver.

The FARB Guidance Systems Advantages

Nobody denies autonomous equipment is the future, so why wait to utilize it? Our technology can execute a personally tailored plan more effectively than ever and the farmer still call the shots.

Through a consultation with our experienced staff, a prescription for any field is created. Once a plan is established, farmers can know their fields will be farmed on schedule and to the highest standards, without a driver on any tractor.

Designed with the Farmer in Mind

It’s for those who have that indomitable spirit … where there is no ‘quit’ in their souls. It’s a discovery that was born on a farm, raised and tested on a farm, and discovered and invented by farmers.

It’s a tool that was created for those who have given their lives to preserve traditions built on pride, purpose, and unyielding persistence to preserve generations of hard work and sacrifices that only a true farmer can endure.

It’s the reward for the years of hard work and life of commitment.

Significant Return on Investment

Having the ability to plan and execute a prescription without uncertainty creates efficiencies that couldn’t be realized with conventional equipment. Advanced analytics tools give quantifiable metrics to base operational decisions on, which means a better bottom line for the farmer.

24/7 Operation & Extended Operation Season

With our fully-automated products, productivity can occur around-the-clock and only when the conditions are right.  Being able to utilize every hour of the day completely transforms a traditional work schedule .

Reliability equals Productivity.

We’re not just technology people, we’re farmers too. We know how important it is to keep work from coming to a standstill when something inevitably breaks. By utilizing a smaller fleet of machines, we create more redundancy. This means if one machine goes down, we have more ready to pick up the slack. And by using tried and true equipment, built and serviced by the best manufacturers in the world, we can guarantee that work won’t halt.

Big Data is a Big Deal.

Precision Agriculture makes sense on paper, but why hasn’t it become standard practice? Addressing the small-scale variability of a large field is difficult to execute with huge machinery and unreliable operators. That’s where we come in. Our machines collect data and carry out prescriptive strategies better than anything available today.