The Farb Guidance System team is composed of a dynamic and talented collection of individuals all characterized by personal experience and knowledge of farming. As a family company with a multi-age team, the company is prepared for future development, growth, and innovation.

DAVE FARB, Founder & President

An innovator in a general sense is a person who is one of the first to introduce into reality something better than before – that opens up a new arena for others to achieve. Dave Farb not only has filled that role in his life, he continues to exemplify the definition for reasons that most could never imagine or achieve.

Dave was raised in Northern Illinois on his family’s grain farm which he farmed and operated throughout high school. Although he did not know it at the time, the dedication that he and family had to feed their family, and future families, was a turning point that has evolved into an historic path in the agricultural business.

Throughout his budding career, Dave remained committed to the industry as a grain truck operator and machine tool engineer and designer at some of the industry’s most reputable companies.

Due to his many accomplishments, Dave was recruited by Ingersoll Milling Machine where he became involved with and was enlightened by computer aided design (CAD) and engineering software.

Overtime, Dave (and his brother, Bill) created a software program that designed tooling for the machine tool industry. The software designed and produced drawings in fifteen seconds, a remarkable improvement compared to the eight hour by-hand process.
It was a landmark innovation that changed the word of computer aided design.

With his roots in the farming business, Dave returned home to realize that farmers no longer needed to maintain constant presence on their machines, and that multiple small machines could function more time and cost efficiently than one machine.

Right at home, where his roots began, Dave (and his brother) changed the world of farming as we know it today with their inspiration of farm equipment that drives itself.

As President and Founder of Farb Guidance Systems, Dave is part of a dynamic team that continues his family’s mission to feed the future through extraordinary passion and innovation.

CLINTON ARNOLD, Vice President

From the moment Clinton Arnold stepped into the business world, and from every moment thereafter, Clinton has maintained the mindset that if we cannot be the best at something, it doesn’t fit our culture, and if we cannot be profitable, then we don’t do it.

It’s a philosophy that is, and will continue to be, ‘home grown’ as a generational farmer and accomplished businessman.

Clinton Arnold has been involved in agriculture, on every level, for his entire life. He grew up on a potato and grain family farm in Idaho where he learned at an early age the value of hard work and the “Law of the Harvest.” Since then, he has amassed a considerable breadth and depth of experience across a wide spectrum of the industry’s sectors.

Clinton has worked for a large 6,000 acre potato operation as the manager of the seed crop, seed sorting, equipment maintenance, and equipment operator. He then held the role of parts and service manager for a large potato and irrigation operation in Southeastern Idaho where he grow the parts division from $150,000 to 1 million in annual sales in 3 years.

Clinton continued working in sales and management in the agricultural industry until he started his own company which provided payroll and HR services to agricultural based businesses and farmers until selling in 2005. Years later, Arnold returned to a large equipment manufacturer as the General Manager. Under his leadership the companies grew by 50 %.

Throughout his career, Clinton has cultivated and invested his passion for farming into a successful path in the agricultural business. Today, as a Vice President of Farb Guidance Systems, he has the innate opportunity to fuse his passion for the land with his business experience and philosophy into an innovative and thriving operation.

JOHN BRUCE, Vice President

With a business acumen to lead companies to become their best by promoting “honest environments that are solution-oriented”, John Bruce has shaped a path of successful business stories throughout his accomplished career.

His level of integrity and dedication to the diversity of companies with whom he has worked was instilled at a very young age while he worked on his family’s seed potato farm in Post Falls, Idaho.

Since then, John has achieved some of the business industry’s highest accolades and awards for his innate ability to fuse a passionate approach to business with a sharp and sophisticated understanding of sales, marketing and finance.

Throughout his accomplished career to date, he has been strategically involved in a variety of companies where he has managed retail operations into high profit and success, consulted business owners, overseen executive sales, managed major accounts, worked in payroll, and was a vice president of sales and marketing in finance before he founded his own company assisting small businesses with growth and brand recognition.

John continues to ground his management style and business operations with honesty and integrity. He believes in treating customers professionally … always delivering what was promised, and never making empty claims.

He is currently a partner with Farb Guidance Systems where he plays a lead role as Vice President with a focus on corporate strategy, sales and marketing. Few corporate strategists with knowledge of marketing and sales also have backgrounds in agriculture – which makes John a valuable asset to the FARB Guidance Systems team.

BRANDON SMITH, Vice President

Brandon Smith has a dynamic management style and business background which enhances the leadership and innovation he brings to Farb Guidance Systems.

Throughout his career, he has championed opportunities to work with some of the nation’s more challenging operations to help them meet and exceed their financial goals.

From working in post-production for New Line Cinema, where he organized teams on feature films, to owning a business consulting firm specializing in utilizing the skills of extremely high IQ individuals to solve challenges, Brandon brings presence, focus, and direction to the workplace.

His extensive career includes experience in strategic market analysis, financial planning product and project development, national product launches, team management and investment procurement.

Brandon also has over twenty years experience with technology companies where he has led production teams in developing and commercializing aerospace products as liaison to NASA, the U.S. Army and private sectors. He has also recruited engineering teams, strategized and planned for all new products, and secured a large research and development endorsement from the U.S. Army.

He further worked as the director of marketing for Adaptyne Technologies, where within a year he was promoted to President and CEO, before the company sold in 2013.

Brandon is also an educator and thoroughly enjoys every opportunity to mentor the next generation in ‘soft skill’ business instruction that includes a variety of business, marketing, advertising, information systems management and leadership – the latter of which has become an iconic trait that is responsible for and is symbolic of his many professional achievements.

Originally born in the agricultural country of California’s central valley, Brandon attended Asuza Pacific University for a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and Vanguard University for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Leadership.