“We’ve changed the world of farming … for all the right reasons.”

Farb Guidance Systems, Inc. was formed in 2012 with the purpose of developing, manufacturing, and marketing the next generation of machine guidance technology for agriculture.

With this innovation where no driver is needed, Farb Guidance Systems gives farmers complete control and command of their fields, allows farmers to regain their independence, provides the tools they need to attain greater yields from their land, and to farm safely, around the clock, from anywhere in the world with the most advanced equipment available on the market today.

Focusing on innovation, sustainability, philanthropy, and freedom of choice, the Farb Guidance team aims to steward our natural resources to retain our farms, increase production and profits, and eventually explore and develop vast regions of the planet that were previously un-farmable. Through this advanced autonomous technology, and through its humanitarian focus, Farb Guidance Systems will be feeding the future – throughout the world.

As the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations continues to see global demand for agricultural products, Farb Guidance Systems is fulfilling a greater need for agricultural advancements in North America, throughout Europe, as well as in emergent nations.

Managed by seasoned business professionals with extensive backgrounds in business, engineering, software design, agriculture, and marketing, the Farb Guidance Systems’ team is dedicated to the success of the company and to maximizing the investment performance of the assets to be developed.

In short, the company’s inventions and their commitment to the purpose behind them, will change the world of farming as most know it today; and for all of the right reasons.