Sustainable Future Rock Solid for Idaho

By October 25, 2015News

On October 22, the Idaho Technology Council (ITC) hosted its first Capital Connect Conference that focused on our state’s past, present and future business environment.

From the beginning of the conference to the final remarks, the ITC and its entire staff were focused one-hundred percent on companies like ours, Farb Guidance Systems, who are continuing to realize that Idaho, is business friendly, growth focused and committed to its quest to be the nation’s number location for advancement in technology, agriculture, agriscience and innovation.

According to the ITC’s website, the formal mission of the Idaho Technology Council is to “help technology companies in Idaho start, grow, and thrive”. Throughout the entire Capital Connect Conference, the ITC not only nailed their mission, they spread goodwill far and wide.

More states should take note. If you truly want a sustainable state, with a healthy business environment, you need consensus from the top down. With the vision of the ITC, its global members and well respected partners like Micron Technology, Keynetics, Hewlett-Packard, Monsanto, Deloitte and the Idaho National Laboratory, there’s no question Idaho is leading the nation as the number one business location to “start, grow and thrive”.

Our company, Farb Guidance Systems, was invited to be a part of this event that was, without question, one of the most valuable networking opportunities we have ever attended. The ITC should be commended for organizing this event which brought together visionaries, entrepreneurs and investors … all of whom were focused on enhancing as well as building a bright future for the state of Idaho – and our business as well.

As a third generation farmer, growing up on Lyle Bruce Farms in Post Falls, Idaho, I learned from my grandparents, and parents as well, about the traditions of our state, and the culture of farming that is deep seated within. And it was during our ability to showcase our company’s new driverless farming equipment to potential investors that I quickly realized that our dream and efforts of continuing to improve the life in which I have lived was not only immediately accepted – yet embraced by those attendance. This was powerful proof that the ITC had done its job to help start-up companies like ours have a solid future in the fields of agriculture and technology right here in my own state.

When the conference was over, I reached out to other farmers, like me, who have the responsibility for ‘caring the torch’ our of family’s tradition. We take that responsibility very seriously. I told them that the ITC, and the state of Idaho, was allowing me and my family an unequaled opportunity to not only grab the torch, yet to fan its flames and keep farming alive through innovation, technology and good-old-fashioned face to face communication. And they did that, right here at home.

Thanks to the ITC, its sponsors and all who supported this first annual (ITC take note: do it again!) Capital Connect Conference, Farb Guidance Systems is on a successful path to achieving our goals to ‘feed the future’ for all the right reasons while being a part of the vision of the state of Idaho. We’re here to stay.

John Bruce, Vice President
Farb Guidance Systems
~ Feeding the Future ~

John Bruce is a partner with Farb Guidance Systems where he plays a lead role as Vice President with a focus on corporate strategy, sales and marketing. He can be contacted at

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